Vision Therapy is powerful, unique and accessible, yet is often misunderstood. Vision Therapy encompasses many specific activities and can assist people with a myriad of visual issues. These include minimising your vision correction, helping both eyes work together, and the enhancing high level visual skills of athletes. Each program is tailor-made for the patient. There are different types of Vision Therapy available. Literally hundreds of different activities exist, all designed to assist you to use your vision in a more efficient way and are selectively picked by our vision therapist.


Healthy vision is achieved when a series of developmental milestones are met. These milestones are unique to each child and are markers of their visual skills. Sometimes there can be a delay in the way a child develops these skills. These delays can cause problems with a child’s learning ability. Vision Therapy can stimulate your childs development, helping to give them these visual skills so important to their learning.


Vision Therapy is not only for children but also adults. No matter your age, it isn’t too late for Vision Therapy to improve visual ability. As adults we learn to “cope” with problems we experience but this does not need to be the case for visual problems.


Charlie has experience in working with many children, including those on the Autism Spectrum and those with learning difficulties. Charlie has also obtained her Vision Therapy Accreditation through the Australian College of Behavioural Optometry (ACBO). Charlie is continually training in the vestibular system, retained primitive reflexes, vision therapy advancement and brain injuries.

In Store Vision Therapy requires…

  • Blocks of 9 x 1 hour sessions held fortnightly
  • Parent or guardian for the last 10 minutes of the session
  • 3-4 h/w exercises to enhance the effectiveness of the Vision Therapy
  • Post vision therapy review with optometrist 4 weeks