Vision therapy provides children and adults with a fun, positive learning environment full of encouragement. Our vision therapist is passionate about helping patients strive for excellence and develop their visual skills. At Eyes@Narangba, Vision therapy is run fortnightly in office. Each appointment is 60 minutes with the final 15 minutes used to explain the homework activities to be practiced every day.

Every session for your child is scheduled and reserved at the time of booking. If a scheduled appointment must be cancelled due to illness or any other unforseen reason 24 hour notice would be greatly appreciated. Rescheduling the missed appointment must be within 1 week, at a time that our therapist is available.


Tracking and Saccades
Scanning from letter to letter, word to word, looking ahead and predicting text, moving from one line to the next.
Short Term Visual Memory
Short term visual memory is calling information presented quickly. It is used in the service of ongoing cognitive tasks as it stores visual information for only a few seconds.
Knowing what comes first, visually, auditory and tactile. Recognising the order of number or letters in words. Left to right progression when reading and writing.
Visual Discrimination
Recognising subtle visual differences, ie between letters (b/d) and words (was/saw or big/dig), reducing reversals and confusion and thus improving overall recognition.
Focussing Skills
This is the ability to maintain clear focus at a particular point (a word on a page) and the ability to rapidly change focus from one point to another (copying from the board to the book).
Visual Memory
Skills required for word recognition and copying tasks, for example in writing, spelling and reading.